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F.A.Q.s for Private, One-on-One Treatment

Why would I receive acupuncture?
Each person has his or her own unique reasons for beginning treatment, and most have expressed wanting something to be different in either mind, body, or spirit. Some people want support with their general wellbeing while others have a more specific physical need. Among many other things, acupuncture can help with wellbeing, anxiety, stress, restlessness, headaches, body aches, digestive upset, sleep disturbances, spiritual disconnectedness, chronic or acute pain, women's health, emotional strain, and focus. This list is not exhaustive; it generally reflects some common reasons for treatment. 

Do I have to be sick or in pain to benefit from acupuncture?
Absolutely not! For those who are generally well, acupuncture is preventive medicine that can reduce the frequency of illness or, should you become ill, reduce the time it takes to recover. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

What does acupuncture feel like?
There are various sensations ranging from minimal perception to heaviness or slight tingling or prickling. Along with your uniqueness, each point has its own 'personality' and some offer more awareness than others. Most sensation dissipates rather quickly as many people ease into deep relaxation or sleep.

What about the needles?

Acupuncture needles are sterilized, solid core, single use needles about the width of a few hairs. Because of their small size and solid core there is limited sensation during treatment (see above). They are not like the hollow needles used to draw blood or vaccinate!  

How many treatments will I need and how often will they occur?
Many people feel a difference after their first needle treatment and most begin to feel welcomed changes within a few visits. Long term and/or chronic conditions can take longer as healing comes in layers and can be subtle. Since the effects of treatment are cumulative, it is typically best to begin treatment once a week. After about 8 weeks we will reassess and may space the treatments out to every 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, and so on. Your body is unique and will be our guide. Once you experience relief and deeper healing, it is common to schedule appointments on a monthly or 6 week basis for prevention and general well-being.

What are your treatment goals with each patient?
Your reason for treatment is the starting point for both of us! We have another shared goal: Help you reach your full potential in as few treatments as possible. In other words, our treatment goal is to maximize benefit in a minimal time and with the lowest cost possible.

Is all acupuncture the same?
No, there are a vast array of traditions of acupuncture, each being whole and complete within itself. As a practitioner of the Five Element tradition, Dr. Wells turns to nature as her guide and seeks to understand, and thus treat, the whole person and not just symptoms. As we treat the root cause of the imbalance, typically the symptoms fade and new possibilities emerge.

Does everyone who practices acupuncture have the same credentials?
No, training varies depending on professional designation. As a licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac) holding a doctorate degree in acupuncture (D.Ac), Dr. Wells has over 4 years (thousands of hours) of full-time classroom and intern training in acupuncture and chinese medicine. Some other professions like MDs in NC may be allowed to practice acupuncture with as little as 300 hours of acupuncture specific training. Before trusting someone to offer treatment please research to understand the breadth and depth of their acupuncture training and experience.