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Adjunctive Therapies



While yoga stands alone as its own tradition, we do recommend you consider it as a powerful and low impact option for healing, centering, and general well being. As a long time practitioner of yoga, Dr. Wells has come to realize that what she learns and experiences on the mat easily translates into life in general! As with any form of movement, please check in with your abilities and, if needed, speak with your doctor.

At its very core, yoga is the ancient practice of breathwork tied to movement or stillness with a powerful component of introspection. Yoga includes stretching, balancing, and a combination of more vigorous and restorative postures. All the postures are done to your comfort and skill level. Yoga can have a powerful effect on your qi, or energy, and can provide wonderful support between acupuncture treatments.

There are several options in our area, including West End Yoga Company or Sandhills Community College, that offer a wide variety of classes to support people across all walks of life. There are also many online resources (free or paid) if you'd prefer practicing in your own space. No one is too young or old, too flexible or not! I invite you to explore how yoga might enhance your daily living