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Dr. Wells' experience as a long time practitioner of both qigong and yoga, fosters a unique perspective embodying and witnessing the valuable and lasting benefits of practice.  Life has a certain flow and movement to it, and when we are flowing and moving, we can more easily ride the waves to a more peaceful presence.

As with any form of movement, please stay true to your abilities and, if needed, modify or speak with your doctor.

Qigong (pronounced chee gong)

Qigong is rooted in ancient wisdom with a unique emphasis on mindful movement  breath work, and meditation.  This holistic practice promotes self healing of the body, mind and spirit and can usher in welcomed changes on all levels.  

At its very core, the word qi translates to life energy or life force.  Qi animates, moves, and flows through all living beings -- one can witness qi at work in the heartbeat, movement of muscles, or just the presence of being alive.  Qi is in every creature of nature and is what differentiates the living from the not living.

Gong means work or skill.  Like any skill we wish to improve, we must practice -- and that continued work brings greater skill which ultimately cultivates deeper benefits.

When we combine the two words - qi and gong - we have an elegant form of movement that includes gentle stretching, breath work, strengthening, with a focus on body awareness.  Because of its gentle nature and easily modified movements, qigong can be practiced daily by everyone, regardless of age, ability or limitations.

Students with ongoing practice have experienced resolution or lasting improvement with a wide variety of physical ailments or emotional challenges and, most commonly, experience great relaxation, ease and an increase in overall vitality.

"For the qigong student, the practice is what is most important.  How can one understand qi without practicing qigong? Perhaps the best book about qigong is a journal of your own experiences." Kenneth Cohen p.43 of The Way of Qigong


While yoga is a solitary tradition, it is another powerful and low impact option for healing, centering, and general well being. 

In very basic terms, yoga is the ancient practice of breath work tied to movement or stillness with a powerful component of introspection. Yoga includes stretching, balancing, and a combination of more vigorous and restorative postures. All the postures are done to your comfort and skill level. Yoga can have a powerful effect on your qi, or energy, and can provide wonderful support between acupuncture treatments.

There are several options in the Sandhills, including West End Yoga Company or Sandhills Community College, that offer a wide variety of classes to support people across all walks of life. There are also many online resources (free or paid) if you'd prefer practicing in your own space.