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** This free offering is limited to those living in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction **

Sessions are on many Mondays (see dates below)
at 6:00 inside Recovering Moore Resource Center
located at 205 Knight St Aberdeen, NC

Please note the sessions begin at 6:00 p.m.
and do not allow for late arrival

Current 2024 Dates:
May 20

Dates will be updated approximately 1 month in advance or as changes are made.

Amongst other things, this treatment can support pain management, sleep issues, digestive difficulties, general life stress, cravings, emotional imbalances or life transitions.

In this group session, we will open with a very brief meditation. As the group settles into quiet, the acupuncturist places 5 small needles on specific points on the outside of each ear. We will then rest in silence for around 30 minutes.

The effects of treatment are cumulative, meaning the more sessions you attend the greater the potential benefit!