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Group Acupuncture FAQs

When are the sessions?
These sessions are scheduled periodically and all dates will be posted on the Group Acupuncture page as they become available. We will also note if a session is full!

Where are the sessions?
The location can vary, and we are grateful to hold some sessions inside West End Yoga Company at 149 Woodlawn St Unit E West End, NC. (just off NC-211 directly behind the West End Post Office)

Do I need to make an appointment and what does it cost?
Yes!  Please contact Dr. Wells at 910.986.2612 to reserve your spot on a first-come, first-served basis. Each session costs $25 and becomes non-refundable three days before the session. If the space reserved for you is otherwise filled, you will be fully refunded.

What do I need to bring and how should I prepare?
For your fist session, please bring the completed consent form. Before each session, please eat a small meal or snack. Wear comfortable, layered attire that allows you to rest easily and adjust to varying temperatures.

What is the acupuncture treatment?
During this hour session, Dr. Wells uses a standard 5 point selection commonly referred to as the NADA protocol or auricular acupuncture. Although originally developed in the 1970s to support addiction treatments, the use of this protocol has expanded into a wide variety of community settings around the world. It can be helpful to overall wellbeing and stress reduction, including those healing from high pressure living, trauma, human conflict, natural disasters, or addiction.

What are the benefits of this auricular acupuncture treatment?
While each person is unique and has their own experience, most people feel overall more relaxed. Many people report they have a reduction in pain (back, neck, knee, shoulders, headaches), experience an increased ability to focus, sleep better, notice relaxed muscles, feel more balanced emotions, reduced cravings, or have less stress and tension. When we are more at ease, the body systems respond favorably!

Does auricular acupuncture hurt?
Some people don't realize the needles are there while others feel a quick and fleeting sensation. Regardless, most don't mind if there is a slight awareness as they ease into the treatment and experience the relaxation. 

Is there any paperwork?
As with anything medical, there is a small amount of paperwork! As it is essential to treatment, complete it and bring it with you the first session. After that, you can update Dr. Wells if you have any significant health changes.  Dr. Wells can email you the paperwork before your first session or you can download it here.

I've never had acupuncture before. Can I come?
ABSOLUTELY! This offering is open to all adults!

What if I arrive late?
The session begins promptly at the listed time.  For the benefit of the group, we will post an "In Session" sign on the door once we begin and kindly request no interruptions